BRP Suisse

The Specialist in plastics with solutions for recycling

Welcome to BRP (Suisse)


Who is BRP (Suisse) ? 

BRP (Suisse), Bernard Roussel Plastiques is an individual company  registered in the Fribourg Canton since July 7th 2004 under number 3075.

The founder Bernard Roussel is the owner and the Managing Director.

The location in the Fribourg Canton, in the middle of Switzerland, multilingual country and in the heart of Europe is especially favourable  for an activity of international representation.

The specialist of plastics with solutions for recycling

Why BRP (Suisse) ?

 After having worked during several years for leading european and american manufacturers  of plastics , the founder of BRP (Suisse) has decided to use his knowledge of  the plastics market, his expertise in this industry and his international contacts to create an activity of representation.

What is the activity ?

BRP (Suisse) is an agent who represents suppliers of raw materials and machinery for the processing and recycling of plastics.

Expandable polystyrene is one of the specialities of BRP (Suisse).

The company also offers packaging machines for insulation boards and palletizing robots.

BRP (Suisse) also represents manufacturers of insulation boards ( heat / noise ) for the building industry.

In partnership with several companies specialized in the recycling of plastics, BRP (Suisse) offers a global concept for recycling industrial plastic scraps:collection of production scraps, sale of grind plastics and recycled pellets.

BRP (Suisse) is active in Switzerland and in the main european countries.

BRP (Suisse) is a member of the swiss cluster Réseauplasturgie :